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Welcome to Pete Lock Photography’s blog. I hope that you find useful articles within these pages.

This blog is my humble offering to the photography community, contributing to the global knowledge pool available on the web.¬†Reading photographic ‘how to’ articles on the internet supports my (ongoing) development as a photographer. Writing here repays knowledge I’ve come across elsewhere.

Pete Lock Photography is a small fish in a large sea, so rest assured that I’m not about to arrogantly denounce established togs. All advice and guides written intend to contribute to reader¬†learning. However, they may not always be perfect and some suggestions I make may have better alternatives. I welcome any comments to my posts for constructive dialogue to help readers gain the best understanding. The spirit for personal development lays behind my posts.

I work with a Nikon D750 camera, which will influence the reviews I conduct. All of my reviews are evaluations of equipment I have either personally used or purchased. Rest assured that no companies have paid me for my personal opinions.

This blog is moderated as a friendly, non discriminatory site. Opposing views are welcome, but please respect fellow posters and readers.

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